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Monday, 07. December 2009

Top ten food
By coolday, 05:08

Top ten food

American Times The weekly magazine chooses ten kinds of best food to the health

The champion, the tomato: Contain ycopene, vitamin C, prevent prostate cancer.

The runner-up, spinach: Contain iron, thiamine, prevent blood vessel disease, blind eyes.

Nuts such as the 2nd runner-up, peanut, almond,etc.: Prevent, heart disease from want right amount of, eat more instead harmful.

The fourth place, cauliflower: Simple cooking, preventing breast carcinoma, gastric carcinoma and rectal cancer.

The fifth place, oat: Rich fiber, can reduce weight, lower blood pressure, cholesterol.

The sixth place, the salmon: Prevent the brain from wearing out, preventing senile dementia.

The seventh place, blue berry: Rich antioxidant, prevents from wearing out, heart disease and cancer.

The eighth place, the garlic: Clear blood, reducing cholesterol, preventing and curing heart disease.

The ninth place, green tea: Reduce and suffer from gastric carcinoma, hepatocarcinoma, cancer of the esophagus, heart disease probability.

The tenth place, red wine: Help to be anti-oxidant and drinking and helping to prevent heart disease in right amount. 
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Talk about the edible wild herbs
By coolday, 05:07

Talk about the edible wild herbs 
The edible wild herbs have already been regarded as an ideal medicine food and concurrently excellent good vegetables by people, there is " the natural health food " Its good reputation. You who are careful know.

     Rich country dish eat leaf sweet potato promptly, rich in nutrition is sweet and flat, have, good for spleen and stomach, benefit strength,etc. function of health care. Very edible part is its leaf of climing sharp tender stem, the flavor is crisp and tender and sweet, clear away heat to detoxify and spurt the efficiency that the kidney moisten the lung.

     Wuzhi Mountain edible wild herbs have another name called dish, son of tree, originate in Wuzhi Mountain hinterland, clever air to collect hill, become the pure nature top-grade dish that has the flavor alone. Its tender bud is fragrant and fragile and delicious, wild and fragrant and sheer, attack people dark greenly, its nutrient component is abundant and complicated, have extremely high nutrition health care value and unique medical value.

     Purslane contain rich amount of thick albumen, thick fat, coarse fibre, and many kinds of vitamins such as mineral potassium, have, clear away heat, detoxify, expell the pathogenic heat scattered silt, subside swelling stop the pain, flat liver dehumidify, diuresis moisten the lung, efficiency of refreshing and enriching the saliva etc.. But nutrition epithelial tissue, strengthen the photonasty of the retina, can promote ulcer of oral cavity, stomach and duodenum to heal. Purslane is still good medicine curing dysentery and enteritis.

     It principal ingredients, in order to gather candy, protein, fructose, pectin, konjaku starch,etc. of konjaku sweetly. Can hinder the invasion and attack of the harmful substance including carcinogen, thus play a role in detoxifying, preventing and curing cancerous swelling, for instance thyroid gland cancer, stomach cardia cancer, cancer of colon, lymphoma, parotid gland cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma,etc..

     Also call Herba Houttuyniae, roll over the ears. Use Herba Houttuyniae for little mouse end ascites cancer through experiment, there is obvious inhibitory activity, the inhibiting rate is 45.7% at most to the cell division of cancer, can prevent and cure gastric carcinoma, cardia cancer, lung cancer,etc..

     Asiatic plantain has two kinds commonly: It was before the flatcar that had main root, before having another name called the car, it was before the car that did not have main root. Asiatic plantain have diuresis of clearing away heat, make eyes bright, eliminate the phlegm function. Cure mainly and urinate obstructed, cough, many phlegm, hematuria. Eat after the tender leaf is hot with the boiled water, to treating way infection of urine, edema, hypertension effective in cure, nonpoisonous side effect of the infomal dress.

     Water shield principal ingredients its for amino acid, Radix Asparagi plain, rock algae candy, Arabic candy, fructose,etc.. The secretion that the leaf of the water shield carries has inhibitory activity on some transformation tumours. Can prevent and cure many kinds of tumours such as gastric carcinoma, prostate cancer.

     Ginseng dish eat tender tip, should stir-fry and eat or do soup, have sure curative effect to diabetes, frying the liquid can treat green-eyed.

     The tender pod of yellow gumbo can be used for stir-frying and eating, doing the soup, cold and dressed with sauce, there is efficiency of treating gastritis, gastric ulcer and pile Lou.

     The leaf of the fragrant rough leaf is used as vegetables, flavor is sweet, the efficiency of the cool blood of clearing away heat, should stir-fry and eat, do the soup or hot pot.

     Carry dishes purply and eat the tender tip, the blade is lubricated, the stem is delightful, enrich the blood, diminish inflammation, treat by efficiency such as aching, vim and vigour losing, bronchitis. Stir-fry and eat and admix condiments such as fermented bean curd, sand tea sauce, have a flavor alone.

     Luo ties pharmaceutial use tight and eats, invigorate the stomach, promote and digest, diuresis strong heart.

     Purple perilla is used as the vegetables or entered tea. The leaf has forms of solving scattered and cold, walks and angry with the stomach efficiency.

     Dandelion principal ingredients its for dandelion plain, dandelion steroid alcohol, dandelion bitter plain, pectin, chrysanthemum candy, choline,etc.. Can prevent and cure lung cancer, gastric carcinoma, cancer of the esophagus and many kinds of tumours.

     The allergic physique is unsuitable to eat. Take analgesic, sulfa drug or take some food, contact the allergic ones incident of some materials usually, it should be cautious to pick and eat the edible wild herbs. Should eat on a small quantity for the first time, allergic or is poisoned symptom such as presenting itching all over the body, edema, rash or subcutaneous hemorrhage,etc. after the food, should stop eating the edible wild herbs, go to the hospital to make a diagnosis and give treatment, so as not to cause the damage to the liver, renal function. In addition, a lot of edible wild herbs, for instance wild three-coloured amaranth, willow bud, wild alfalfa and tree-of-heaven,etc., must use the boiled water hotly before eating, and then rinse for several times with the fresh water, the misery that go in drip, can burn and boil eating; Must be clearly distinguished while plucking the edible wild herbs, the edible wild herbs should not be stored for a long time, it is good that eat freshly.
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Friday, 29. May 2009

The cold plum makes the snow
By coolday, 06:05

The cold plum makes the snow most feel transported
There are a large stretch of plum woods in the south stockaded village, there are persimmon, plum, peach in the woods; All living things person are Mei Shu.

The season in full bloom of club in winter, see Joan forest of the cajaput far away, a vast expanse of whiteness, a wide one very much, a beautiful one very much, very much the beautiful one; " know it is not the snow at a distance, in order to there is secret fragrance that comes " . Stranger come into forest depths, where does it I wonder boundless and indistinct and boundless to the limit. No matter it is fine, in the rain, daytime, under the setting sun, the scene is pleasant; In moonlight night, a slice of silver holds the jade and is wrapped up in, more apparent and particularly enchanting.
    When the club is in full bloom, more beautiful while dissolving with pure white snow into one slice; You unruly, I vigorous dance, I wonder it is plum blossom that stimulate romance of snow, or snow trigger passion of plum blossom; They ambitious, two give in, than white rivalling, fighting confused and confusing. A boundless and indistinct slice in the woods, white melody of a song; Everywhere it is plum blossom,when occasionally for poem feeling,make people enchanted, make people unable to feel transported. fashionlife99
    Is it the plum blossom that, like the snow, or is the snow flake as the plum on earth? It is the plum blossom that wins the snow on earth, or is the snow flake comparable to plums? The plum dances in the snow flake on earth, or does the snow flake fly drunkly in the plum? I do not understand. Have to say what others say: " the snow is like the plum blossom, the plum blossom is like the snow, it is all extremely fine to be like and not like " ," whether plum blossom get snow, snow flake play plum, human world exactly plum blossom snow at the one " .
    The charming scenery makes visitors intoxicated, give the poet inspiration, people are pleasing usually. The poet has created a lot of moving verses for the plum blossom; People have poems too usually, but does not know speech form, bury poetic and pictorial splendor in the deep place of one's own bottom of one's heart.
    At the teenager, have this May forest depths with schoolmate often. I can not distinguish those round and round and white sometimes, whether it is finally the plum or snow, think, it is snow that is drifting, it was the plum that stood in one is done.
    I am wrong! As I saw suddenly nearbily, Ah, " plum blossom " round and round standing on one It was " snow on the plum blossom one " unexpectedly ,It is round and round that the snow flake has been condensed, like plums bursting forth very much; Look again, the snow drifting, but plums blown off with the wind exactly.

Too touching, have become excited very much! It's a pity there are too few books read, the touching and excited poetic and pictorial splendor fishbone can not come down in torrents in the heart out, can only let the poem feeling be burnt in the deep bottom of one's heart.
    Ascend the stairs stepping on the winding cobbled path, wheel and look down in the pavilion on the hill-side, Ah! It is a scene very much even more that that is very white, extremely, definitely very much strange, extremely beautiful, like white wave, like snow wild iceberg, a pure white slice, vast and boundless.
    Listen to it in the rumour, see plum one that the breeze brushes and quiver, unexpectedly if the wave was turbulent and coming, wave peak fall, set together together. Beautiful, magnificent! If jokul dance, run unexpectedly, chatter like a magpie than high; It is in fact that cold plum gets the snow, snow play plum!
    A schoolmate's father is a gentleman of old-style private school, taught him how to recite the poesy familiarly while as a child. " carry 300 familiarly, do not write and can chant too " ,This classmate often spokens master, shoot out the happiness of blocking up among my heart, have added us and appreciated snow the interest which award the plum even more.

His poetic inspiration is broken out, chanted shallowly low and sung in the pavilion: "Shake allly and sweet-smellingly and leave it to the limit, the secret fragrance is grown sometimes; The cold plum gets the snow, most feel transported boundlessly and indistinctly"   Our classmate without imaginative power envies and admires.
    He has told the legend story of a plum blossom, says his father's grandfather says to his father. His third place in imperial examination among the grandfather very much, has worked as a county magistrate, is dissatisfied the affairs of state decline returning to hometown, go home sweeping the snow in front of the door, the plum while appreciating snow to the limit.
    Legend plum blossom and sisters from before it is spring breeze open when being brush. Plum blossom girl is late once, spoke one answered back to Celestial Ruler Supreme God. Escapes one's lips as soon as Celestial Ruler Supreme God is angry: "Punish you for opening alone in winter! "
    The plum blossom is a stubborn woman: "Relieve oneself in winter in winter! " Then the plum blossom bursts forth in winter. She is not discouraged, rush to give the earth beauty in springtime before all sisters when the weather is cold and the ground is frozen, open more magnificently and in riotous profusion than springtime.
    Someone says Celestial Ruler Supreme God is narrow-minded, suddenly the heavy snow fell suddenly when the plum blossom is open, " whether it hate plum wave to take place, so down and seal a piece of snow " ,Freeze her to death! A in the sky one long live grandfather and ground the grandfather is the same that long live, can't offend, will take children's fault to heart too.
    But someone says, Celestial Ruler Supreme God appreciates the plum blossom. Do not like her not to hear and command, hates her to answer back to, offend, but appreciate she defies the severe cold, like her brave a morning newspaper spring. They still praise Celestial Ruler Supreme God, help Celestial Ruler Supreme God to absolve: " the bone of jade ices the orphan very much of musical sound of the appearance, it teaches the snow to accompany leanly " .

Oh, oh, seem like this, in the sky reasonable that long live, ache one's own children, but afraid for freezing one's own child to death she is too lonely and let the snow company for her, dance with her, accompany her happy spending severe winter, increase the appearance and add the color for her.
    Chinese nation like plum blossom, fear wind and snow severe cold and ice-bound frost like which as her does it have other colored tree. " a spring flower letter 24, have this not to have this dose vertically fragrantly " . Shu Mei at people impose behind the room in front of room, to enjoy oneself to heart's content and appreciate, intoxicated heartily in being bleak and chilly winter. Wait, cost son form, taste prune sour and sweet and delicious again.
    Have Song people forest flee, far away from flourishing, move into the remote,thickly forested mountains live in seclusion even more. He is not an officer, do not accumulate wealth by unfair means, does not take a wife and give birth to the son, plant plums and raise cranes in the deep forest.
     People praise Merrill Lynch flee and regard plum as the wife, with the crane group, the admiring of one, " wife Mei's crane's son " that calls . Someone smile at him to be silly, smile at him stay, smile at him to be silly, substitute with plum wife substitute son with crane too certainly. Refined people praise it, the layman demotes it. Elegance of pure and crane enjoying the plum to the limit of fleeing in the forest. Cold plum get snow feel transported really, no matter those scandal, gossip.
    The ones that visited Mei Lin while recalling teenagers are joyful, make " recall hometown Mei Lin " One:
"The south fill rare scene in, float snow, split May one after another. Knit the eyes and look on the hill-side, a boundless and indistinct one; The jade wave is surging, the silver screen flies confusingly. The snow congeals into the plum, Mei Fei is like snow, it is most that the cold plum gets the snow to feel transported. Feel transported even more, several juvenile friends, chant the snow and talk about plums.    Such wonderful scenery in human world, is the the heavenly maids scatter blossoms obviously. Grant the creature entertainment, it is enchanting to make this; The silver mountain rocks, the jade is played an outstanding role in alikely. The weather favoured us, with this wonderful view, award many sub members of a nationality of peace. Job-waiting to succeed, let everybody entertainment, look down scene this from a height again.

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It is not two simple words to give up
By coolday, 06:02

It is not two simple words to give up
One kind loves, the teardrop hang, but very sadly beautiful, it is named giving up!

It gives up to be simple two word give up, love another kind really? Is it really another happiness to give up? Precisely, give up the possession that is another way! Oneself withdraw extremely awkward, this great, put until I understand set free, emotion be can forced, come reluctantly too, even if I fatal position hold, what is caught? It is scar, it is the agony! The handle is held with a firm grip, there is nothing inside, the handle is unclamped, what I had is everything.

The most painful, don't too wander up and down and put with that section during not putting. Really make a decision to give up, instead, there is a kind of feeling that feels relieved. From then on, ached and liked all burying into it in the heart deeply.

Life is so, unavoidably ache, unavoidable and injured, whether I once caught or went far, those things can not leave me, though some things can't turn one's head, some can't comb to remember, some people can only bury forever.

It is a very troublesome thing to fall in love with a person, especially you will give up a lot of things for her unconsciously, have done a lot of things for her. She insisted on a certain thing after all, when being unwilling to give up, then you came into a hell, very bitter and very bitter. Especially reach her finally but say, it is you by mistake, all these were suffered from one's own actions by you. fashionlife99

One can fall in love with a lot of people all one's life, wait for you obtain, belong to happiness of you really, it was actually a kind of wealth that what you will understand in the past is given up, give up letting you learn to hold and treasure better. Not because you want to get, you are living for oneself, so you should learn to give up.

It is an art to give up, it does not call your blind escape, but want you to understand painful maintaining and not so good as giving up yet! The society gives up, turn round to leave away before crying, leave the simple figure. Bury at yesterday on the bottom of heart, leave the brightest memory. Society give up, let, can have pieces of relaxed beginning each other, black and blue all over love might not imprint on the bones and inscribe on the memory right away! Love a person, will make him happy soon, make him happy, makes that emotion more sincere. If you can not do, go all out! It is really another beauty to give up!

Wipe Chaoyang cloud disperse, play the zither, tell feeling melodious thorough the skies attention bear who knows it is merciless in love a lot of thing also to be vertical this time, always going through will understand. Such as the emotion, ache, will understand how to protect oneself; The over,can understand by in right time insistance and give up, and in not losing we know by oneself slowly. In fact, if life does not need so much and meaningless perseverance, nothing really can't be forgotten. The society gives up, life will be easier.

The society gives up, turn round to leave away before crying, leave the simple figure; The society gives up, bury at yesterday on the bottom of heart, leave the brightest memory; Society give up, let, can have pieces of relaxed beginning each other, black and blue all over love might not imprint on the bones and inscribe on the memory right away. This deep love reason shallow part of the way, go to today, already difficult, take hands out gently, say good-bye, really thank you very much, this has you on the way. Having said that love you, today, still love you. Just, love you, can't stay with you. Shut just like loving the fire of that champaign, love it, but can't return with it.

Come out what thing is rooms of feeling, let life and death make direct  

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